"From selling hats to selling houses, Ebby Halliday has demonstrated how to satisfy customers. Through her leadership, she has inspired others to know the customers, understand what they want, and help them achieve their dreams. This book chronicles her life and business successes with intriguing stories, charming humor, and business wisdom. Vitality, sparkling wit, and audacious courage led Ebby from farms in Arkansas and Kansas to the pinnacle of business success and numerous awards."

   - Ross Perot, Founder, Perot Systems Corporation

"Ebby’s success, personal happiness, and remarkable ability to motivate others in the residential real estate business for more than sixty years echo in the pages of this book. It reads like an adventure story with challenges, romance, and always her tremendous energy."

   - Norman Brinker Chairman Emeritus, Brinker International, Inc.

"Selling the dream of homeownership, creating opportunities for unlimited career growth, giving back to the community, and shaping the future have driven Ebby’s life and career. Her wit and wisdom shine throughout this book and reveal her as a pragmatic entrepreneur, an inspiring leader, and a gifted businesswoman. Young people who think they can’t should read this book to realize that they can."

   - T. Boone Pickens, CEO, BP Capital LLC

"Ebby Halliday personifies the kind of leader who leads with her heart, her entrepreneurial business sense, and her unflagging energy to make her dreams for herself, her company, and her community come true. Ebby’s story weaves history, economics, politics, personal anecdotes, business lessons, and life principles into a chronicle of an extraordinary life set against a background of the business of real estate."

   - Roger Staubach,
     Executive Chairman, Americas, Jones Lang LaSalle
     Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame


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